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    Human hair extensions arrive in a puzzling selection of groups, based on their good quality, origin, processing method, and other elements. The human hair that your extensions are created of arrives from all the corners of the entire world. The greatest global exporters of human hair are China and India. For the sake of simplicity, we understand three principal types of human hair used in producing extensions: Chinese, Indian, and European.

    Chinese hair extensions are the simplest to uncover, and for that reason the cheapest alternative. However, Chinese hair is also coarse and thick to appear normal as extensions in Caucasian hair. Its rigid framework calls for the hair to be chemically treated prior to it can be employed.

    Soon after the therapy, it is remaining with a tough composition that lacks glow, so it must be coated with silicone to search much more interesting. This coating unfortunately washes off soon after a handful of washes, leaving the hair uninteresting hunting from then on. Owing to this fact, it doesn’t dye nicely, and the colour is not extended-lasting. The extensions created from this sort are normally not extremely resilient.

    Indian hair (occasionally utilized as a synonym for Remy or Remi) provides an choice that will give you a great worth for money. Normal, non-processed Indian hair is ideal for extensions. Identified in a range of styles – thick, fantastic, medium, straight, wavy or curly – this hair is wholesome-looking, wonderful and shiny, related in construction to the European. It can be styled and dyed with out damage, it’s simple to care for, and prolonged-lasting.

    "Virgin" hair is the one that was sourced from Indian Hindu temples in virgin situations – that is, it has not been chemically dealt with, bleached or dyed. Females in southern regions of India trade it in temples for a token of great luck. Indian temple hair is healthful, robust, thick, by natural means of black color. Occasionally this hair is bleached and then dyed a distinct color, but this approach weakens the hair, leaving it dry and brittle. Once again, silicone is employed to coat the hair, make it shiny, and disguise the injury. Prolonged, virgin hair is the most sought soon after, and the most costly type of Indian hair.

    European hair is challenging to come by, and signifies the most pricey alternative. This sort is fine, gentle and powerful. Even so, since

    virgin hair suppliers is ethnically a extremely varied spot, so the hair from a variety of international locations differs. Russian hair is usually considered the maximum top quality since it is generally quite comfortable and fantastic, and not handled chemically.